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Law 17 - The Corner Kick 2/20/2017

Larry of Danville, CA USA asks...

We have some pretty divergent responses on the question concerning an attacking coach trying to verbally fool the defenders on a 'fake' goal kick.

Joe McHugh: Retake GK with possible caution.
Gary Voshol: IDFK with dismissal.
Joe Ma...

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Law 13 - Free Kicks 2/20/2017

Greg Kall of Hillsborough, CA USA asks...

Under law 13, Free Kicks, section 3 states that 'an opponent who deliberately prevents a free kick being taken quickly must be cautioned for delaying restart of play'

This is confusing in that there is a provision for a caution to be serve...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 2/19/2017

Seb of Farnborough, Hampshire United Kingdom asks...

Can a penalty be awarded if the ball is safe in goalkeepers hands but a defending player fouls an attacking player in the penalty box. Foul takes place 2 seconds after the keeper got the ball....

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 2/18/2017

Jim F of Pittsburgh, PA United States asks...

Here is another collision that involves a keeper:

It seems clear that both are playing the ball but the keeper gets the ball first and then gets kicked in the chest by the attacker. Both players are shak...

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High School 2/18/2017

Kenneth of San Diego, CA US asks...

Is there some 'common sense' leniency applied when considering DOGSO for a Keeper? It just seems a little on the extreme side for a red card to be issued for a careless foul especially when it was because of a great play by the attacker to poke the b...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 2/17/2017

Zluvka of Liberec, Czech Republic Czech Republic asks...

Today in Ligue 1 (Bastia-Monaco) player stepped on an opponent's foot. Referee lets play continue. May it be good decision?...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 2/16/2017

Mehdi of Mashhad , Khorasan Iran asks...گل-ر'کان'؛-پرسپول'س-سپاهان

Hi.Would you as a referee give this penalty?!
Was it a soft decision?!...

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Law 14 - The Penalty kick 2/16/2017

Mehdi of Mashhad , Khorasan Iran asks...گل-پنالت'-به-سبک-مس'-طارم'؛-پرسپول'س-سپاهان

Hello. Would you as a referee allow this goal to be counted or should it have been replayed?

Thanks. ...

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Law 11 - Offside 2/16/2017

Shaji of Shuwaikh, Kuwait Kuwait asks...

Hello Sir,
A player kicking the ball from Central circle to goal post. At that time the teammate of the kicker at offside position. The defender tried from penalty box, to head the ball and it moving to backward. Meanwhile the offside player trie...

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Law 5 - The Referee 2/16/2017

Mark Redmond of Guildford, Surrey United Kingdom asks...

If a yellow card is given to a player for a offence on the pitch, does a referee have to restart the game with a whistle. Therefore not allowing the game to restart with a 'quick free kick'? ...

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