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Law 6 - The Other Match Oficials 6/22/2018

russell of Sydney, Dae i say it – Australia ! asks...

Nik of Moscow asks a good question of the Penalty for HB join the Denmark v Socceroo's match.

A lot of debate around the office water cooler the morning after on this one, and I was asked an opinion many times.

My response was, if t...

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Other 6/16/2018

Elizabeth of Chesapeake Beach , Maryland Usa asks...

Why was Iceland the winner in the tie came with Argentina?...

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Other 6/1/2018

Russell of Sydney, Australia asks...

A great reply from Ref McHugh (and ref Dawson) - lots of of good points to consider, a number of good options for a ref to take, particularly the advantage option in less obvious area to apply it.
Much appreciated. ...

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Other 5/26/2018

Phil of Tarzana, CA United States asks...

Thanks for all your insights. It's wonderful to get different perspectives from experienced referees.

I can see that this is one of the most difficult aspects of judgement because you can lose both respect & control of the game.


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Law 6 - The Other Match Oficials 5/21/2018

steven of seattle, WA usa asks...

What is the protocol for an assistant referee coming off their line to stop a potential/ongoing confrontation between players? I was AR2 on a game this weekend and two players started to get into it in the quadrant down the touch line from me. CR had...

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Law 6 - The Other Match Oficials 5/19/2018

Francis of ESSEX, United Kingdom asks...

I was the defender, an opponent was picked offside by the Assistant Referee(5 yards offside). On seeing the offside flag raised in front of me,(being close to the line), I left the ball for my left back to take the spot kick and walked away.
The ...

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Law 6 - The Other Match Oficials 5/15/2018

peter of Savannah, GA USA asks...

In the final minutes of a frantic 1-1 game blue v white,90 degree heat, my A/R flagged during a loose ball deep into whites half who recovered the ball. The A/R had not flagged at all in the game other than an offside or two and I assumed it was an o...

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Other 5/6/2018

Ishan reddy of Sydney, NSW Australia asks...

Qt. The following items summarise your powers and duties as a referee.

You need to select those that are listed in this Law.

1) Act on the advice of the AR regarding incidents you have not seen
2) Suspend or terminate the match ...

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Other 4/15/2018

Kaylee Corzo of Chandler, AZ US asks...

Hello, my name is Kaylee. I am 11 1/2 years old and I've been playing soccer for 7 years now. The other day I ran into my old gymnastics friend, Ella. We are the same age and she told me she was reffing the younger kids. That sounded like a fun thing...

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Other 4/11/2018

Barry Stewart of Chilliwack, BC Canada asks...

I've said before that I'd be happy if the offside rule were stricken from the Laws. Our senior men's group plays with no offsides and the women's 7-a-side league that I ref has no offsides.

Both are more free-flowing - and have one less infr...

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