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High School 7/30/2019

George of Boonton, New Jersey USA asks...

When a coach is disqualified from the game and refuses to leave the playing area, the following can occur:

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High School 5/22/2019

Derek of Cary, IL USA asks...

While the keeper is in possession of the ball, an opponent violently/with excessive force charges the keeper. The opponent was disqualified.

Would this be considered VC or SFP? I put in my report that it was VC because the opponent could n...

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High School 5/16/2019

JIll Saunders of Carthage, North Carolina United States asks...


What is your thought regarding a 3rd round high school game in the state playoffs when score is 3-2, in final seconds there's a shot on goal (no other touches), as ball is in midair the ref blows the whistle to end game, the keeper runs ...

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High School 5/14/2019

Lisset of Bastrop, Texas United States asks...

I broke my left radius and now Im wearing a hard cast. I was wondering if I was still allowed to play soccer in school with the hard cast wrapped ?...

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High School 4/12/2019

Derek of Cary, IL USA asks...

I am AR1. Play was stopped for an injured player within the opponent's PA. A coach (not the head coach) made a comment ('that's a foul, ref'), and slowly walked to the player while arguing he never said that comment. Referee was confrontational, n...

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High School 4/3/2019

jeff hart of ft worth, tx usa asks...

Our high school rules permit subs on corner kick only if team taking kick elects to sub. Team A advises field ref it elects not to sub. Team B coach checks with sideline judge who mistakenly tells him he can sub.
Team A sets up for corner und...

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High School 4/2/2019

Andreas Miller of Indianola, Iowa United States asks...

I need some help with NFHS rules referring to a disputed goal. I also know that some high school rules vary according to state, so I figured I'd tell you that this occurred in Iowa.

Here's the scenario: It was a high school game and we were ...

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High School 3/27/2019

Scott Sallah of Harrisonburg, VA United States asks...

Yellow card on field for USB, injury results. The player who committed the offense must leave the field until the next legal substitution per NFHS rules. The injured player leaves the field and an immediate legal substitution opportunity is created...

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High School 2/26/2019

Derek of Cary, IL USA asks...

Any tips for someone about to do their first Center at HS Varsity? I've been reffing for 15 years now, but I'm about to make the leap starting 2 weeks from now. I've done ARs at this level and in adult leagues, but never been Center for a game abov...

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High School 2/8/2019

Derek of Cary, IL USA asks...

I would like further clarification. The idea that I got from the answers was that if advantage is called in the attacking 3rd, it should lead to a goal or an obvious squander by the team with advantage. Otherwise play should stop for the foul as th...

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