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Question Number: 32196

High School 1/27/2018

RE: High School High School

Trevor of Danville, Kentucky United States asks...

This question is a follow up to question 32185

This follow up question deals strictly with my second question, as I believe you guys have all answered my first question.

So after talking to my friend again, I realize that hes talking about their compression shorts underneath their uniform shorts. Now, they have nothing underneath their compression shorts, so it is essentially their underwear, and the compression shorts are NOT part of their kit. They have to buy them separately, but they are told to wear white underwear of some sort, typically compression shorts. So, to summarize, the ref asks the players to pull their compression shorts down to their knees to check the color of them. Their uniform shorts are NOT actually being removed or pulled down. I will point out that their uniform shorts are white, and if it is raining, you can kinda see the color of their compression shorts through their uniform shorts. Now, typically you cant see their compression shorts unless they do pull them down toward their knees, but my friend says that if they refuse to show their compression shorts, or if the ref notices they are a different color, even if they arent visibly longer than their uniform shorts, they will be asked to change or not play at all. All of this being said, does this justify the refs actions by asking to see their compression shorts. And theoretically, if someone were to wear black boxers or briefs underneath a kit with white uniform shorts, would they be able to play in a game or not?

Thanks, and hopefully this finally brings closure to my question.

Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Trevor
If a team has white shorts any compression shorts visible under the shorts must be white. The rule states that and I quote ** 4-1-1d: If visible apparel is worn under the jersey and/or shorts, it shall be a single solid color matching the predominant color of the respective garment. Visible arm compression sleeves shall be a similar length, all alike and of a solid color matching the predominant color of the jersey. Visible leg compression sleeves shall be of a similar length, all alike and of a solid color matching the predominant color of the shorts. **What that means that all compression shorts must be all the same for the entire team and the same colour as the shorts.
From experience players many times pull up illegal compression shorts before the game so that they are not visible. During play the shorts however become visible by sliding down the legs and if such an illegal colour shorts becomes visible the player will be asked to leave the game to correct the equipment.
As we have said previously the referees only concern with what is visible. If it is not visible then it is of no concern to the referee. If a player chooses to wear illegal compression shorts then the player is asked to correct the equipment when they become visible and substituted from the game.
A referee has no concern as to what colour underwear a player may chose to wear in a game. The advice given previously is that concerns about this topic should be raised with the athletic director in the school.

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Answer provided by Referee Joe Manjone


In high school play, the rule specifically states that the visible undergarments must be the same color as the jerseys or shorts that they extend from. Non-visible garments such as the underwear that you describe can be of any color because there is no rule prohibiting them, Thus, there is no reason for the referee to check the non-visible undergarments.

To answer your question, high school players with different color non-visible undergarments can play.

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