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Question Number: 31371

High School 3/19/2017

RE: Varsity High School

Aaron Speca of Virginia Beach, VA 23456 asks...

The high school season just started, and in one game there were three 'controversial' plays that resulted in PKs or goals (or at least controversial among the parents I was surrounded by). It was a very tough and physical game with a large amount of referee involvement and emotions were high on everyone's parts.

Play #1 - shot comes into the box, keeper does not handle cleanly. Keeper, defender, and striker come together. Referee immediately calls for PK, calling a foul on the keeper.

I've watched this several times, and it looks like the keeper gets her hands on the player after the ball bounds away and does push her away, so it seems like this is a valid call.

Play #2 - corner kick, the first player to get to the ball heads it and, it appears, nods the ball into her hands before her teammate gathers the ball and scores.

Again, another really tough call. There are two schools of thought for me - her hands were out in front of her, but they appeared to be stationary until after the ball hit them which would be a consideration. I'm 50/50 on this one.

Play #3 - another corner kick, defender goes to carry the ball out of the box and the ball appears to hit her shoulder. CR signals handling in the box for a PK.

Here's what I think happened, the ball hit her shoulder which I believe is ok, but the motion of her arm made it look like she played it forward with her arm. I still think she poked it forward with her shoulder.

The two handling (or non-handling) incidents are just illustrations to me of what a tough call this can be. As always, thanks for taking the time to do what you do!

Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

On the first one it looks like the Goalkeeper pushes the opponents to the ground so that is a penalty kick offence. What caused the pushed may be questioned as it could be a reaction to falling. It will look though at game level like a raised arm push
On the second on it does not look like any contact here was deliberate so no offence
On the third one the player looks likes she moves her upper arm rather than totally chesting the ball. The obvious arm movement after the ball is played suggests that the arm was used. In summary I would have no difficulty with any of the three calls.

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi Aaron it is good to hear from you again.
First video the foul in the corner preceding the keeper push looked trippish from my initial view. So allowing play to continue the resulting PK looks like a rather decent advantage that resulted from the no call . I have no reason to doubt the veracity or mindset of the referee it was a solid whistle response and definite PK although I do think the keeper stumbled and pushed rather than designed it to be a push thus just a careless foul with no card is certainly all that was required! Nice stop by the keeper! lol

Hmmm 2nd video the ball does not appear to go off the head simply into the high chest area and roll down to the ground. I can not truly tell if the arms were used to direct the ball down to the ground or if the ball actually hit the arm at all. although it does appear she tried to widen the arms to get away from the ball so given my unsure sighting I am happy to award the goal and noted that there appeared to be little protest from the opposition .

The 3rd video . The young lady need to tuck the arm back behind her as it does look as if she corralled the ball with the arm. Kudos to the ref in a great position, have to go with the PK as it certainly looks as if the ball is coming off the upper arm bicep not just the shoulder. Again no real protest to the decision on the pitch. It might have been a tough match but I liked the calls and the referee appeared to be on top of the play from what little I saw.

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Answer provided by Referee Ben Mueller

1st offense: I stopped it several times and it looks like a good call. She was running towards the ball and got pushed down. These are always tough as everyone is going for the ball and in each others way. But the white player establishes a position and then gets drilled down from behind. I would say good call and dumb foul.

2nd offense: I cannot see from the video. But if the ball makes the slightest contact with the hands I am calling this one. Her arms are out in an unnatural position, she has plenty of time to react, she directs the ball with the arms (appears to)...again if the hand or arm made any contact with ball...its an easy call for me. I am leaning on handling deliberately here.

3rd offense: I agree with the call! She moved her shoulder to the ball. This looks good!

Finally on a side note that this referees positions on the PKS are awful!!!! He is standing too close to the goal line and the recommended position per USSF is much closer to the top of the penalty area line.

As Always,


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