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Question Number: 31059

Appearance 11/28/2016

RE: Club soccer - Cal South Under 17

Mitchell of Rancho Cucamonga, California United States asks...

This question is a follow up to question 31054


This is just a follow-up to Richard Dawson's desire to see a video of the 2nd question I asked - I found a link on YouTube that shows the game. Please look about 3 minutes into the video - it shows the incident I am asking about. No need to answer my question and I really do appreciate the replies that I did receive - it did help to clarify things. Thanks again.

Answer provided by Referee Joe McHugh

Hi Mitchell
Thanks for the clip
From my looking at this the referee saw the incident and decided not to give the penalty kick. Play continues with a huge amount of shouting and mass confrontation by Red. The referee then stops for a foul and he can be clearly seen holding his ear piece and then gives the penalty. It was certainly the AR that gave the penalty and the referee was entitled to do what he did.
Now having looked at it multiple times I am still unsure if it was a penalty. The attacker looks for it and seems to be going down early on light contact if any. Angle of view here is vital and it may have looked to the AR that there was contact. At best it was the GK arm that seemed to have made contact with the opponents yet not sufficient IMO to bring the player down . If I was a VAR here I would not be so sure that there was a penalty.
This part of the video also shows what is wrong with the modern game. There are four Red players *mobbing* the referee during play to *pressure* the officials into a decision. It is unclear from the clip if the AR gave the foul immediately or whether it was the Red furore that prompted his decision. Then the penalty is given Whites reverse the process by confronting the AR. The GK who has just been cautioned comes across I would say to *dissent* the decision.
All in all a messy process and one that could have been easily sold with an immediate call for a penalty kick or none. As an AR I doubt I would be getting involved here.

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi Mitchell,
the video was appreciated easier to visualize what the situation was. What a mess. Man I cannot even imagine how the referee managed to follow the play to find the 2nd foul for which he apparently stops play given he is literally surrounded by 4 red shirts wanting the PK from the supposed last incident to which the push in the back off the header and a foot onto the ball when it looked as if the keeper did have a hand on it and had it rolled back to a deep knee bend by the falling attacker that began before there was any sign of contact not that I am convinced there was truthfully. I think he sold that well.

I can imagine in real TV time that looked like a penalty to a lot of people. I never get to see where the AR is in looking in but I have to assume he was there looking directly across. The CR looked like he floated wide left to the corner of the PA and was at least 20 yards away. I find it DIFFICULT to think the referee did NOT see the way play developed and would have at least looked over to the AR who although I CAN NOT SEE when or if the flag was raised immediately but judging from the red reaction quite likely. They appear to have head sets but I like the hard buzzer on the arms to indicate to the CR by the AR hey I saw that as a foul without really saying or indicating anything. Once you pop the flag its like the proverbial red cape to the bull antagonizing most everyone who thinks they too know what occurred!

I think the officials down there get a lot of in the face flack for which I could not do as well, given my disposition to not respond well to intimidation. That said the two officials needed to deal with the incident in a more controlled engagement then what transpired with a quicker response to offering up a PK.

I can certainly see the emphatic show by the AR who seemed to somewhat relish his participation as he clearly was indicating he saw the keeper pull down the attacker. I think the CR is going with this as it seems to do otherwise he is going to be cautioning the entire red team if he does not. The other team although irritated seem less angry, even the keeper seems rather calm or not as animated in accepting the decision. But they are VERY aware it is the AR convincing the CR not the CR asking for advice. This is why we engage our ARs privately and ensure the middle guy is the one deciding or at least appears to be the one.

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