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Question Number: 12094

Law 8 - Start and Restart of Play 1/24/2006

RE: AYSO Under 17

Tar of Palmdale, CA USA asks...

This question is a follow up to question 12345

At a recent game the goalkeeper fell onto the ball to possess it and an opponent ran into him, the ball came loose and the opponent shot the ball into goal. The Referee disallowed the goal as he said the GK "had possession of the ball". The ref cautioned the opponent and restarted the game with a goal kick. Should he not have restarted with a drop ball to the GK as the GK had possession before the opponent ran into him therby allowing the GK to pick the ball and distribute it out from anywhere inside the penalty box?

Answer provided by Referee Keith Contarino

You and the referee both got the restart wrong. If he waved off the goal because the attacker played in a dangerous manner, the restart is an indirect free kick. If he waved off the goal because he felt the attacker kicked or attempted to kick the keeper, then the restart is a direct free kick. No way this results in a goal kick or a dropped ball.

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Answer provided by Referee Richard Dawson

Hi Tar,
if a keeper has posession of the ball and an attacker kicks at the ball or runs into the keeper when kicking the ball we have a foul.
At the very least we have playing in a dangerous manner, an INDFK restart. Although it is MORE likely, we have a penal foul of kicking / charging/or tackling and a DFK restart in favour of the keeper.

A caution is justified if in the opinion of the referee the challenge was reckless.

It COULD be a red card IF the force and action of the challenge was EXCESSIVE but as an opinion concerning facts of play that is a referees determination to make!

The fact is there was a foul BEFORE the goal was scored and called back. Given the likely hood of the collision/contact inside the goal area is it POSSIBLE you are mistaking a DFK or an INDFK out (was the arm raised) for a goal kick.
There is a stipulation in law 8 on ANY free kick in favour of the defence can be taken anywhere inside their goal area. The MAJOR difference here would be the offside criteria on a REAL goal kick does not apply to just a free kick!

Special Circumstances LAW 8
A free kick awarded to the defending team inside its own goal area is taken from any point within the goal area.

A dropbal restart is ONLY applicable if the law provides for NOTHING else.
A for instance is IF there was a 50/50 ball but a fair challenge where keeper and attacker collide as they both reach/kick for the ball. If there was an injury severe enough to make a referee stop play before the ball crossed into the goal. The stoppage is SOLEY for the injury and a dropball is the accepted restart. The difference here though is both teams would likel contest such a drop. UNLESS there is clear posession by one team a referee refrains from a single team drop. Usually the opposition steps up to do the right thing.

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Answer provided by Referee Debbie Hoelscher

Tar, an attacker cannot disposses a goal keeper of the ball. An infringment of the LOTG has occurred and the goal doesn't count. Additionally, the referee made the right call by not allowing the goal and cautioning the player. Where we now have some difficulty is with the restart.... If the infringement occurred with in the keeper's own goal area, then the placement of the ball for the restart is anywhere within that area. It also looks like a goal kick, and in many ways, acts like one because the following must occur before the ball is in play: the opponent must be out the penalty area, and the ball must cross completely over the penalty area line -- just as a goal kick would need to do. I guess the question in my head would be, was the restart truly a goal kick, or did it just look like one. A DFK could have also been awarded and in this case, the referee would not have his arm up at all, but it would indeed look like a goal kick. Did you notice if the referee had their arm straight in the air to indicate an IFK or not? If so, it is also very possible that the referee did indeed restart the game appropriately. If he didn't one of three things is possible: 1) he had a brain cramp and forgot to raise his arm for an IFK, 2) he restarted with a DFK, or 3) he really did restart the game with a goal kick and in that case, oops.

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