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Law 11 - Offside 10/20/2014

Greg of Ventura, CA USA asks...

First off, I want to tell you that this is a terrific place to learn the nuances of refereeing. I've learned more here that just about any other source... well except for actually going out and refereeing. Anyway, keep up the great work.


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Mechanics 10/20/2014

Darin of coeurdalene, id usa asks...

Score is tied. only minutes left in the U-14 girls game. (I only mention this to illustrate the urgency the teams are moving at) Ball goes out of bounds off of the blue team. Blue team backs up, white team prepares for the throw. The ref blows his wh...

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Other 10/20/2014

Celeste McCullough of concord, california United States asks...

Our soccer team does not have a goalie. The coach puts my daughter in at the end of the game . she doesn't know the rules and has only played once or twice before her whole life. Her first touch the girl and her collide as my daughter goes after ...

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League Specific 10/20/2014

Steve of Maidstone, Kent UK asks...

I'm interested to know your opinions on whether a red card was the correct decision on Saturday when he Spurs player Fazio pulled Aguero back in the area while Nevas still has the ball. Whils the ball did subsequently come across the area and Aguero...

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Mechanics 10/20/2014

paul beevers of Bradford, uk asks...

A ref booked my player twice but never shown him the red card at the match he said because he didnt show him a red he would put it though as a booking but has sent me a message after the game saying he has put it though as a red card is this correct...

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League Specific 10/19/2014

nyi lin soe of Yangon, Yangon Myanmar(Burma) asks...

When home team r win..Referee whistle finish match..both team r not go to rest room or away team go to rest room.then supporters of home team r go on football field cheering...any break rule???...

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League Specific 10/18/2014

tom wade of bellville, ohio usa asks...

Had a parent argue that Rica had a rule change and that the goalies body became one with the ball and that if the body of the goalie from the waist up crossed the goal line even though the ball in the goalies hand did not it was a goal. My understand...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 10/18/2014

george of hickory, nc usa asks...

where is that in the rules that hands protecting the face in the penalty box is not a hand ball? I could not find it in the rules....

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 10/17/2014

Thomas Nguyen of Garden Grove, CA United States asks...

Hi refs.

When does sliding tackles become a foul? What are the rules of thumb?

Here is the situ: a red attacker was advancing with the ball about 2 feet in front of him (he clearly had possession of the ball). A white defender cam...

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Law 11 - Offside 10/17/2014

Bob Dawson of Camarillo, Calif USA asks...

A player cannot be judged to be offside if they receive the ball 'directly' on a throw-in.

But ... if the ball is deflected, say, bounces off an opponents back, on a throw-in and is then played by a player in offside position, would they be ...

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