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Law 11 - Offside 10/17/2014

James of Clovis, CA USA asks...

My assistant and I have a disagreement on weather an offsides should be called or not when a defender plays the ball back to a goalkeeper or another defender and if an offensive player cuts off the pass back when he or she is in an offsides position....

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Law 8 - Start and Restart of Play 10/15/2014

john of Madrid, NY USA asks...

Can the referee penalize unsporting conduct and award an indirect without giving a card? (If, in the referee's judgement, the free kick will accomplish the desired effect as he feels the addition of a card is too harsh.)...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 10/14/2014

Peter Berkhout of Fairfax, California United States asks...

This is a more specific question re: LOTG ... there are many questions, not just this one, that comment about 'getting the ball first' not being an excuse for fouls that happen immediately after that.

Is there an opinion or decision or advic...

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League Specific 10/14/2014

alex waserman of hillsborough, nj usa asks...

I was watching a middle school game and the nfhs was allowing substitutions on offside calls? Is this valid for NJ Middle School Play?...

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Law 18 - Common Sense 10/14/2014

tom kolon of warren, ohio usa asks...

During an injury can the ref. give permission to the others to leave the field for water ? What are the problems created by such action ?...

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Law 8 - Start and Restart of Play 10/14/2014

Phil of Tarzana, CA United States asks...

Referee Dawson said that, if you catch the mistake during play, you could stop play, send the player off, & restart with an IFK. I could not find where the LOTG say that you start with an IFK. I would have thought that it would be a dropped ball, s...

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Law 18 - Common Sense 10/13/2014

George of Parangarecutirimicuaro, California Sacratomato asks...

Goalie lunges for the ball but loses control and the ball travels maybe one foot in front of her. An attacking player challenges for the ball. Opposing coach goes berserk over the no call from the ref. We discussed this particular play at half-time w...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 10/13/2014

SocDefendcer of Portland, OR U.S.A. asks...

Why is it that the goalie cannot pick up the ball if it is on the line when a team mate kicks it to them. The answer stated the goalie could pick it up as long as an opponent kicked it.

Also can a goalie who is out of the box kick it into t...

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Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct 10/13/2014

Kyle of Kenosha, WI USA asks...

I had a goalie play the ball with their feet inside the box. They dribbled outside and when pressured by an attacker brought the ball back inside and picked it up. Just wondering if this would fall under the same rule that the keeper is allowed to ...

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Kicks From The Penalty mark 10/13/2014

Elly of Melbourne, Victoria Australia asks...

A knockout game has gone to penalties, and then to the sudden-death penalties stage. It's approaching time for a team's player number 11 to take his kick. Knowing he's a poor penalty-taker (that's why he's been left for last), he proceeds to delibera...

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